Outline Programme

18-21 NOVEMBER 2015

Alejandro Cavillo
EL Poder del Consumidor (Mexico)

Alejandro is the founder and Director of the consumer rights organisation El Poder del Consumidor, which sustains permanent campaigns on nutritional health and on efficient urban transportation and air quality. He is a member of Consumers International’s global working group on food and a proponent of a Global Convention to Promote and Protect Healthy Diets. He also serves on the Advisory Board to the Mexican Federal Attorney General for Consumer Protection (PROFECO) and has participated on expert panels at the invitation of FAO, OAS and PAHO, the latter on child targeted marketing of food and beverages. Prior to founding El Poder and working on childhood obesity issues, Alejandro was a founder and former director of Greenpeace Mexico, and has advocated on environmental protection, nuclear energy and peace.

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