Outline Programme

18-21 NOVEMBER 2015

Ana Toni

Ana Toni
Executive Director
Co-Founder GIP
and Executive Director
Instituto Clima e Sociedade (Brazil)

Ana is a co-founder of GIP. Prior to this she had a long career working for global aid and environmental organisations including ActionAid and Greenpeace (both in Brazil and internationally) before becoming the Representative for the Ford Foundation in Brazil until 2011. She was also responsible for coordinating the regional Latin America funding on Economics and Globalization, the IBSA initiative (joint work between Brazil, South Africa and India) and the International Initiative on Intellectual Property Rights. Currently studying for her PhD in Social Politics, she is also a member of the Editorial Board of Le Monde Diplomatique Brazil, a Board member of the Baoba Fund for Racial Equity and the Forum of Women’s Leaders on Sustainability.

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