Outline Programme

18-21 NOVEMBER 2015

Yuk-Shan Wong
Hong Kong Consumer Council

Professor Yuk-Shan Wong was appointed Chairman of the Hong Kong Consumer Council in 2012 by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Under his Chairmanship, he has instituted a remarkable number of milestones, including a three-year strategic development blueprint ushering in a new realm of consumer protection and proactive consumer empowerment in a fast changing consumer world brought on by rapid globalisation, financial upheavals, climate deterioration, and innovative technology in the digital age. He has steered the Council resolutely into research and advocacy on different consumer issues such as undesirable sales practices in residential property, market dominance by major supermarket chains, and future development in the energy sector. In particular, he has been leading the programmes on Sustainable Consumption for the Council since 2014. He is also currently the President of the Open University of Hong Kong and the Deputy of the Chinese Congress; has published 8 books and over 160 international journal papers.

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